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Church for the Poor?

Posted on March 6, 2017 at 4:25 PM

Dear Pope Francis,

they keep on saying you want a Church for the poor. Don't we all. The problem with that: this Church does not exist. Here in Germany, the dioceses are multi-billion Euro companies (!) which are a far cry away from being a Church of the poor. From what I hear the Vatican itself has not laid open its wealth so far either (not to mention giving it away), so nobody really knows how much belongings you have. What you are saying sounds nice - like everything you say and do - but the local bishops don't seem to mind much. Besides, the Bible does not only talk of the "materially poor", but most of all the poor in Spirit. For this reason a healthy catechises might be best to begin with. Few Catholics know what the Church really teaches and why. From what I get to hear from you and the cardinals and bishops, I am not really surprised though. For decades instruction in the faith has been neglected. Liberal theology has gained ground. Now we have a pick-and-choose cafeteria Catholicism where almost everything goes. And it gets worth. You as the Bishop of Rome and the Pope are in charge right now and responsible for the Church. As such I ask you to step down to prevent further damage for the Body of Christ. The Catholic Church is in its worst shape at the moment and much of it has been caused by you. Hugging kids in front of cameras is nice, but it certainly is not enough to lead 1,2 billion Catholics.

The Pope and Donald Trump

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 4:25 PM

Many people attack Donald Trump for wanting to build a wall between the USA and Mexico - including the Pope (who irresponsibly denied people who want to do that are not Christians). However, there has to be an end to the current situation where many illegal immigrants come into the USA. Quite a number of them (even though not all) bring crime and drugs along. All change the situation in both countries - if there are workers who accept a salary way below the minimum wage for instance, then this has consequences for all workers. As a German I can only tell you one thing: trying to solve a political problem by letting them all in, is not only futile, it is dangerous, naive and irresponsible. You do not make the cause for migration go away by making it easier for people to leave. Even if you take in 1 million a year it would change nothing regarding sociology. The only way you can resolve this situation and also do something for all the refugees worldwide, is by helping to solve the problems in their home country.

So before you say Trump is not a Christian (figuratively speaking), Holy Father, you might think before you open your mouth. That is the least that a Pope should do. You better speak up and provide clarity when people expect you and even ask you to do that (like regarding Amoris Laetitia, family issues, same-sex attractions etc.). There, however, you are silent and completely fail as a Pope. What would have been the alternative? Voting for Hillary Clinton who is for abortion until the last moment? Are you serious??

Francis Bashing

Posted on June 30, 2016 at 2:50 PM

"Francis bashing" of "reactionary Catholics" - interesting how this kind of propaganda is still being used all over. You put your opponent into a radical, immoral corner - in the hope that repeating that over and over again makes people believe it. Of course, this is much easier than taking into account that there may be rational reasons based on facts why people criticize Pope Francis. But then you'd have to also ackowledge that those critics are fellow believers and not just "reactionary". Let's face it - this propaganda (and NOT Francis' critics!) is bashing! I don't care who uses these means - it actually says more about those people than about those they attack. Pope Francis failed many times when people looked up to him for clarity like the first Christians looked up to Peter for the very same reason. Pope Francis adds even more confusion and instead of leading the mother ship through stormy waters he rocks it even more. There. I said it.

Criticism on 'Amoris Laetitia'

Posted on April 19, 2016 at 11:55 AM

Some Catholics are ticked off now due to the many concerned and even negative responses to "Amoris Laetitia", Pope Francis' latest work on love and family. They claim that the whole text should be read and that there are some good points in it too. Well, my brothers and sisters in the faith, the thing is that in such a writing each paragraph needs to be able to stand alone, to explain itself and not need any further details. If people must read the whole text in order to get it, you did a very bad job as a writer. Furthermore, you cannot ask every Catholic to read the whole thing. Even if you do, however, it does not get any better. If you have a big pot of soup which tastes excellent and you put a spoonful of gasoline into it, you can pour it all away. The danger in erroneous teaching and heresy is that there is some truth to it. Like that, it runs under our radar and remains unrecognized as such. I rest my case: There are heretical teachings in this work and nobody has to or even should obey a Pope that leads you astray. Pope Francis needs to step back to prevent further damage for the Catholic Church.

Dear Pope Francis,

Posted on April 11, 2016 at 2:05 PM

Dear Pope Francis,


I respect, honor and love you as the first among the bishops, as the bishop of Rome, as the Pope.


Yet I am saddened to see which way you lead the Church - or better: fail to lead the Church.


In crucial and troubled times, when the whole Church - and with her the whole world! - looked up to the successor of Peter to stand up like Peter once did and give the Church clarity and guidance, you fail. You are supposed to steer the ship in difficult times, but you refuse to take over.


Reading AMORIS LAETITIA, I wonder what you had in mind when you wrote something like that.


All the ifs and buts in unclear situations of moral theology are nothing new. Each person, each act and each sin must be seen in its full context - with all circumstances in order to be able to give a solid judgement. So confusing us with many details and exceptions of exceptions does not really help. I thought my headache was getting a headache when I read that. Maybe I was hoping that you of all would write something a simple man or woman can understand as well. Maybe next time.


We also know that it is not up to us to condemn. God is the final judge. However, God did not tell us for nothing that loving one another also includes exhorting one another and bringing one another back on the right track.


I spent many years in the gay scene until the Lord set me free by showing me the way to a Christian organization named "Homosexuals Anonymous" ( Praise the Lord - I finally found freedom and purpose in my life following Jesus Christ.


What I have always appreciated about the Catholic Church was its clarity, especially when it comes to family issues. She stood strong when others failed.


As someone who had been on the other side of life, who had fully embraced sin I can only tell you that you do not help people who face difficult situations at all by letting them know that maybe somehow under some circumstances things might be different and they could still come to the table of the Lord. With all due respect, Holy Father, that is utter heresy.


You might think that somebody who lives a live apart from the Church (be it in the gay scene or in a relationship whatsoever outside of marriage, as a remarried person or whatever) cannot sin all the time and the circumstances might be so special that he could come to a judgment that allows him to accept the "healing power" of the Eurcharist and that everything else would be "cold". You are so wrong, Holy Father. From my own experience I can only tell you that yes, it is possible to live in a state of constant sin and true love means loving someone enough to tell him the truth. No backdoor, no ifs, no buts. To think that some just don't make it and we need to back down from our high moral standards is a slap in the face of every true believer and finally of Jesus Himself.


Yes, EVERYONE can make it. God promised us that there is no temptation that cannot be overcome and that He would finish what He promised us.


I only found freedom because some people told me about the true love of God and walked with me all the way until I was there.


Everything else is not only poor theology, it is more than dangerous: it is irresponsible and not worthy of the successor of Peter.


I call on you and I call on all good Christians to stand up, defend the Christian faith as proclaimed in the Holy Scriptures and finally by the living Word Jesus Himself. Do not back down! Do not lower our believes! Tell people the truth, but also help them to find that truth and to meet that goal God promised each one of us!


In times when Church leaders fail, God sometimes calls simple people to stand up for Him, to live out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.


Simple people like Peter once was.


God bless,


Robert Gollwitzer

Director of Homosexuals Anonymous

Pope Frances Please Be Silent!

Posted on December 2, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Dear Pope Francis, I know you have a good heart, but sometimes it is just best to stay silent and not say everything that pops up in one's mind into the outstretched microphones of the world press. You cause much more confusion like that than to steer the mothership into the right direction - as is your duty. Some people take everything coming out of the Pope's mouth for divine law - and with all respect, not everything you are saying is very wise or even well thought through. Some things are even simply wrong and the fact that the Pope says them doesn't make them right. Your duty is to lead and guide the Church in stormy times, and to be honest, so far you are missing out big time on that. Hugging little kids is nice, but even politicians do that as the press loves it and they want to look good there. Doing things that are right even though the world will hate you for them, this is what matters for a Christian. Please think about what you are saying and take some time out every now and then to just be silent, pray and meditate. Thank you. A fellow Catholic.

Pope has a Problem with Criticism

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Dear Pope Francis, you are quick in critizing others in public. However, when rightfully critized yourself, you stay silent. You obviously cannot handly criticism when it comes to your own person, even though Paul already put Peter back to where he belonged when he needed it - and Peter acted a whole lot differently than you did. Your behavior is not really a sign of courage and character. Most of all it is not worthy of a Pope.