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What am I here for?

Posted on May 8, 2016 at 1:20 PM

I am not here on this planet to make friends, but to serve Jesus. Therefore, I don't have to like everybody, but I have to love them. It is okay not to like some as well as it is okay that some don't like me (it is impossible to like everyone anyway). The thing is: Will you love them with the same unconditional love with which Jesus loved us just the same? Also I am not here to kiss people's butts. Many will find me and what I stand for and believe in offensive. So be it. They nailed the Son of God on the cross - why should they treat His followers any differently. Or as people say: When our King and Savior wore a crown of thorns, ours should not be of gold. There will be moments when we will have to suffer for Him. Will we still love Him then? Will we let Him suffer through us? We share His whole life - the joy, the witness, but also the passion and the cross.

"If you don't look good on wood, don't become a Christian." (Mike Cumbie)