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Area coded Christian movies

Posted on June 24, 2016 at 3:55 PM

Just had an interaction with a Christian film maker which turned sour. I critized him as his film is only available in the USA (area coded) and put out to him that this actually goes against the Great Commission which applies for the whole world. He lashed out to me that this is a product and a product is not Christian and that his producers did not make it available for the whole world, that my attitude would not be scriptural or something like that. I told him these are a lot of lousy excuses. If you make a Christian movie, it should not be just a "product". If your producer makes it only available in one country, than it is you the filmmaker to decide if you want to make it or not. You cannot shift your responsibility. Third, I found that a very worldly and inappropriate reaction for someone who makes a movie like that. Will keep that in mind - he mentioned the next movie might be available over here. Well, I will not buy this "product" then.