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Verantwortung für die Vergangenheit

Posted on March 25, 2017 at 11:40 AM

Ich habe auch lange geglaubt, dass ich nichts mit dem zu tun hätte, was in der Nazi-Zeit in Deutschland geschah. Schließlich wurde ich 1967 geboren. Bis ich Nachkommen von Opfern damals kennen lernte. Die waren auch nach dem Krieg geboren und konnten auch nichts dafür - und doch war ein Großteil ihrer Familie immer noch tot und der Rest in alle Winde zerstreut und ihres Eigentums beraubt...

Niemand auf der Welt kann so tun, als ob ihn die Geschichte seiner Vorfahren nichts angehen würde. Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft kann man nicht einfach so trennen, als ob sie nichts miteinander zu tun hätten. Ohne die Vergangenheit (unsere Eltern) würden wir ja schließlich auch nicht existieren. Kaum einer würde doch auf die Idee kommen und sagen: "Was habe ich mit meinen Eltern zu tun? Ich schulde ihnen gar nichts! Habe ich etwa darum gebeten, geboren zu werden?"

Follow the Money!

Posted on October 11, 2016 at 2:35 PM

Think back to just some of what happened the last decades: The Soviet Union defended its boarders for decades against anybody - even their own. Now some peaceful demonstrations and it dissolves itself.

A tribe of thugs called the IS conquers huge cities and even countries without much resistance - and all superpowers seem to be unable to stop it.

Or a little further back: Who gained most of the last two World Wars? It certainly was not Germany.

And on and on and on...

In short: You do not have to believe in conspiracy theorist to notice something smells bad here.

Or do you?

Why is it so many of us accept the news as being presented to them: This is the good side and this the bad one. This is how things happened.

Let's use our common sense! This is why God gave it to us.

Follow the money. Follow the power.

Germany and its past

Posted on August 13, 2016 at 6:25 AM

I am sick and tired of getting to hear about the special guilt Germans have towards history. Yes, we know that and Germany has paid a heavy price for its role in both World Wars - and still does. None of those responsible for allied forces war crimes has ever been held accountable to my knowledge. Just to mention some: Bombing big cities like Dresden was nothing else but mass murder among civilians - and they knew it. The same with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On with the list: Many murders and rapes among the population, pogroms, robbing Germans in the East of their property and chasing them away (or worse), neglecting all the other forces behind the World Wars (and any other wars) which were way more than just Germans, (ab)using Germany to this day as military base and who knows what else, pointing at our special responsibility whenever someone needs money, forgetting one's own past (crimes against blacks and first nation people, crimes in colonies, all the things stolen in and from other countries) and many, many more. Wipe away the dirt before your own door before you keep on bugging us.