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Fundamentalists and Politics

Posted on December 17, 2016 at 10:15 AM

One of the absurd statements of Christian fundamentalists is that Christians should not get involved in politics (anyway the end is near, so why even bother?). Politics is nothing else than the organization of the common good, of society. You can and must delegate some of it, but to completely withdraw from politics is just as impossible and irresponsible for a Christan than paying somebody else to love your neighbor. To state that "Jesus never got involved in election campains" is a theologically and rationally absurd argument. The Bible is not a cook book. You cannot expect to find a single verse on everything there. So to think that when Jesus says or does not do something, that automatically means it is right or wrong, is beyond naive and irresponsible. You have to see the Bible and the Church tradition as a whole. There you find the sancitity of life, marriage, relationships with others and in a community, dealing with the weak and those who go astray and many more. To believe this is none of a Christian's business is a teaching of men, but not of God. It is our duty to speak out on politics as well and to stay informed about everything and voice our opinion even if it is politically not correct. Everything Jesus said and did had also politcal consequences. That does not make Him a communist revolutionary, but someone who cares. To think that you vote and then let it be up to the politicians to do their job is the exact opposite of a responsible, well-informed and caring Christian who fulfills the Great Commandment. It is not for nothing that Christian charity organizations like Caritas are very political as well and state their opinion also publicly. They do that BECAUSE they are Christians, not inspite of it.

Religious Clubs

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Some churches have become religious clubs where like-minded people meet to have a good time and get affirmation by those who have the same mindset. If that is all you do, however, and if giving and supporting one another is only for those within your own community, you miss out on the Great Commandment (go OUT, make discuples and baptize them!) and the Great Commandment (Jesus made no condition for reaching out to others. His love was unconditional and selfless). Such a "church" deserves nothing less than to die.