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Interview with Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch

Posted on December 23, 2016 at 1:15 PM

Interview with Mr. Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch:



Mr. Spencer, you thankfully agreed for an interview. I am positive your input is much needed over here.



Robert Gollwitzer: You are the director of Jihad Watch ( and author of many books. Can you explain to us what your organization is all about?



Robert Spencer: Jihad Watch is dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology play in the modern world and to correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad and religion in modern-day conflicts. By shedding as much light as possible on these matters, we hope to alert people of good will to the true nature of the present global conflict.



RG: What you are doing is certainly not "politically correct" and as such labeled as "islamophobic" or "racist". What do you answer those who try to make things simple by putting the adversary in a radical corner?



RS: Islam is not a race. Nor is the jihad massacre of innocent civilians. “Islamophobia” is a smear propaganda term designed to intimidate people into thinking it wrong to oppose jihad terror. To oppose jihad terror and Sharia supremacism is simple common sense for anyone who values pluralistic and secular societies.


RG: Why do we need an organization like Jihad Watch?



RS: Because there is a massive effort at disinformation and misinformation about the nature and magnitude of the threat. Jihad Watch aims to expose those lies and tell the truth.


RG: The West seems to be incredibly naive when it comes to Islam. Politicians, churches, schools, media etc. see it as a religion like any other. Do you agree?



RS: Yes, they do. There is no recognition of the fact that Islam has and has always had a core political component.



RG: "But not every Muslim is a radical!" is the standard answer when it comes to discussing Islam. Is the problem radical or not radical or is it Islam itself?



RS: The problem is rooted in the texts and teachings of Islam that jihadis cite to justify acts of violence and to make recruits among peaceful Muslims.



RG: You are not against Muslims, but against Islam - most of all radical Islam. Why the distinction?



RS: Islamic teaching is one thing, and how any given Muslim puts it into practice — if he does at all — is quite another. Human nature is everywhere the same. The ideology is the problem, not the people who may or may not fervently hold to that ideology.



RG: How do you feel about Donald Trump becoming the next President of the USA? Is that good news for you?



RS: It is very good news because he promises to address the jihad problem realistically, which neither Bush nor Obama did.



RG: Many young people leave Christian churches and convert to Islam. Why do you think this is the case?



RS: Because it presents an alternative to the prevailing relativism, and taps into the anti-Western sentiment that is now taught everywhere in the West.



RG: People like you, Pamela Geller or Geert Wilders are being shunned by everyone as radical fundamentalists. "Hate preachers". Why do you think people act like that?



RS: Herd mentality. The elites tell them it is so and most people don’t look into the question themselves to discover whether or not the charges are true.



RG: What do you think about the rise of right-wing parties in Europe?



RS: This is a reaction to the leftist elites’ refusal to address the legitimate concerns of their citizens.



RG: What should everyone know about Islam and what should politicians, churches and simple people do?



RS: Islam has a doctrine, theology and legal system mandating warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers. All informed people in the West should be working to inform others about this.



RG: What role does Israel play when it comes to Islam?



RS: Israel is on the front lines of the global jihad.



RG: What message do you have for regular Muslims?



RS: Renounce the aspects of Islam that are incompatible with Western freedoms of principles of human rights, and you will be welcome here.



RG: Last question: I am sure you are being attacked, insulted and put down on a regular basis. What gives you the strength to hold on through?



RS: I know that what I am saying is true.



RG: Mr. Spencer, thank you very much for this interview. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family!



Robert Gollwitzer


Posted on December 21, 2016 at 2:20 PM

Zu sagen, man solle seine Feinde lieben, ist christlich. Zu sagen, man solle Terroristen lieben, während man selbst im sicheren Büro sitzt und dieses Lippenbekenntnis somit keinerlei praktische Konsequenz außer der Tatsache hat, dass man es damit vielleicht als politisch korrekter Mensch in die Schlagzeilen schaft, das ist scheinheilig.