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Francis Bashing

Posted on June 30, 2016 at 2:50 PM

"Francis bashing" of "reactionary Catholics" - interesting how this kind of propaganda is still being used all over. You put your opponent into a radical, immoral corner - in the hope that repeating that over and over again makes people believe it. Of course, this is much easier than taking into account that there may be rational reasons based on facts why people criticize Pope Francis. But then you'd have to also ackowledge that those critics are fellow believers and not just "reactionary". Let's face it - this propaganda (and NOT Francis' critics!) is bashing! I don't care who uses these means - it actually says more about those people than about those they attack. Pope Francis failed many times when people looked up to him for clarity like the first Christians looked up to Peter for the very same reason. Pope Francis adds even more confusion and instead of leading the mother ship through stormy waters he rocks it even more. There. I said it.

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