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Comments on Brussells Attacks

Posted on March 23, 2016 at 3:35 PM

Interesting the way the Brussels attacks are being commented. These are only terrorists and those who use that to criticze Islam are abusing of the situation. Are they? These terrorists - like many more - are not simply terrorists without any background. They are all Muslims. Hundreds of thousand of Muslims worldwide are in armies of Muslim states that are killing people, persecuting Christians, putting their own women down and the like. Thousands are in the ranks of the IS and a huge number supports the IS - and be it only by smypathizing with it. Count all of that together and you get more than just a handful of terrorists. They are not representing real Islam, many claim. Well are they. All those mentioned above and those who follow or support/sympathize with them, all those unhuman Muslim states claim to be Muslims. Not a single Muslim state worldwide has an acceptable form of democracy with values like ours. And they all say they are Muslims. So basically the vast majority of Muslims ranges und what some claim to "not representing the real Islam". Who then is? The silent majority that does not condemn their brothers when they "misrepresent" Islam? Fact is, what some claim to be the "real Islam" does not exist anywhere on this planet and has never existed here. It is a myth and everyone of them knows it is.

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