Robert Gollwitzer

Seelsorger. Berater. Aktivist. - Politisch. Katholisch. Leidenschaftlich.




2015 - 2019

Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt (sgd)

Abschluss: sehr gut

Kosmetik (Abschluss Februar 2016 mit "sehr gut")


2015 - 2016 bei Laudius, Akademie für Fernstudien (Abschluss: sehr gut)


Breath of Life - Cosmetics

OK, for all those who follow those color patterns when it comes to style and fashion: yes, basically it is a good idea to know what suits which skin type and which color goes with which other color. When you only go by these, however, this becomes incredibly boring and predictable. You are a nameless fashion puppy then, not an individual. Sometimes you just need to break that and find out about your own style. Don't be a color. Be a person.

Why do so many women have short hair, wear no make up, dress in jeans and t-shirt or the like, short: look like men? Because it is "more practical" than dressing up and go for style? You are wonderful and beautiful creatures. A man will never be able to cope with that. Don't dress down. You have class and natural beauty - show it! You are beautiful women - now start showing it! The world is boring enough. It needs beauty! It needs you - or better: the stylish you!

Dear Ladies, please stop using all the same contouring technique when you apply make up. You all have the same faces afterwards and it looks nothing like the real you. Why would you hide your beautiful face behind a mask that makes you one out of a million? It is both boring and unnerving for the rest of us. You are not getting more beautiful with it, you only show you run after everything that is hip. That is not feminine, it is pathetic.